Fix a bluetooth connexion on Windows (for a Logitech V470 mouse)

Here’s an article I wrote two times. once in french and once in english. Therefore, I hope to give an answer to that recurrent problem on the internet. I spent a lot of time searching without finding any clear answer.

I had a few weeks ago some problems with my Bluetooth card in my computer. I was encountering constant disconnections no matter which OS i used. To be sure the problem wasn’t due to my mouse controller, i tested with other devices and nothing changed. After a chaotic return at the customer service (the first time my computer had to be in an intern’s hands) my laptop came back functional.

But this morning, a simple boot on my Windows was enough to fail all my communication devices (Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth). After a short reboot on Ubuntu to be sure the problem was due to the drivers and not to the devices, I uninstalled every devices with the device manager (Right clic on Computer -> Manage -> (on the left) Device manager -> Right clic on every problematic device -> Uninstall)

Once every driver uninstalled, i rebooted to let Windows use generic drivers. I downloaded then the offical drivers on the Asus website and installed them one by one.

After an other reboot, the Internet connection was back but the Bluetooth still wasn’t functional. I uninstalled an other time the Bluetooth drivers and I rebooted again. The Bluetooth was back but with generic drivers. The connection with my Bluetooth mouse was enabled but wonky and had deconnections.

A last installation of the Bluetooth Driver and a last reboot let me finally have a functional Bluetooth card.

A last problem persisted. The mouse had deconnections like before but the problem wasn’t present on Ubuntu. I had to go in the bluetooth card properties and Right clic -> Properties -> Power managment tab -> Uncheck « Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ».

After all those annoying steps, here i’m back with my Logitech V470 Bluetooth Mouse connected to my Asus G73JH on Windows 7 with no Bluetooth dongle or other trickery.

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